Cover Letter

May 25th, 2012

When I registered for classes a couple of days after classes started, I didn’t know what to expect for English 110. Basically, I was stuck with whatever was open, which was an eight in the morning class. But, I took it because I needed English 110 before I could take other writing intensive courses.  I thought it would be similar to the writing class that I took at my last school, which was about a useless topic “women composers” and would require textbooks that would most likely be a waste of money. I really enjoyed this class and it was worth waking up to. I really liked how there were no books required since they are expensive and that we use a blog and watch youtube videos. I’ve never taken a class like this. I did learn a lot from this class. It made me view college from a whole different perspective. I have never heard of PIE paragraphs. They were  definitely useful and it will definitely come in handy in my future classes.  I really do think that my writing has improved this semester since you were so helpful and gave really good advice. I also felt that you were a very fair grader, unlike my writing professors from my last school. It’s sad that you will be leaving Queens College but congratulations on your Ph.D, you definitely deserved it.

Old Spice Advertisement

May 1st, 2012

It’s an interesting ad, but can deodorant give you all this?


March 17th, 2012

There are different stereotypes about colleges. One popular stereotype of college is that there’s a lot of partying and drinking. Typically, the people who drink and party together are almost always with each other. Another stereotype is that joining the Greek life is one of the best ways to get the most out of your college experience. Also, the athletes always hangout together and wear the school uniforms or the school logo.

In high school, the popular people where the ones who played sports, the ones who were involved with the school, and the really smart students. The students that were good athletes were popular because they performed well for the team and school. They would wear uniforms or hoodies that showed pride. The people that were involved with the school, such as student government and clubs were popular because they were the ones involved in what’s going on around school. Coming from an academically competitive high school, the really smart people were popular because they could help others and they would win academic awards, such as math or science awards.

At Queens College, I haven’t really seen a set of popular people. But, I think within ethnicity groups and and majors, there is popularity amongst people. It’s not easy to tell since QC is mainly a commuter school.

Response to “I Love College”

March 17th, 2012

People have different reasons as to why the enjoy college. Asher Roth clearly enjoys college because of parties, drinking, and girls.  No where in this video does it mention anything about what college is worth for the future. Queens College is the opposite of this. For instance, people like Queens College because tuition is affordable and there’s diversity on the campus. Roth makes college look like college is all about frat parties and fun. This song is catchy but this is clearly not how everyone portrays college. This isn’t the only video that shows that college is all about parties, drinking, and girls. It seems like tv shows and movies geared towards teenagers portray college as only fun and parties.

5 college videos

March 15th, 2012

-I think the movie “The Social Network” shows a portrayal about college even though it’s about the development of facebook. The movie shows the college experience to include a lot of parties and meeting a lot of new people.

-The movie “College” even though the reviews weren’t good, shows that college is different from what is advertised, such as what the college describes themselves as in the brochure. It seems that movies portray college as mainly fun and not much about the academics.

-This is one CNN opinion on college. In this perspective, the people interviewed say that the value of a college degree isn’t what it used to be. Also, people don’t want to end up with a lot of loans to pay off. But, the parents want their children to have a college education for good job security.

-This is another CNN opinion on college. This reporter though thinks that going to college is worth the money. Despite the loans, this person shows a statistic that people who earn a college degree earn about $500,000 in a lifetime than a person without the college degree.

-The guy in this video gives advice as to how to survive college and what to expect. I think that some of it is true and some of it is false. For instance, if colleges graduate “stupid” people, as he says, then why is the graduation rates at colleges so low?

Interview with my friend

March 4th, 2012


1)      (Hey Selina, it’s Yvonne. How have you been?)

1-Selina: Good. Kinda busy

2-Selina: got used to college. This semester was better than the first.

3-Me: Haven’t seen you since graduationSelina:Yeah

4-Me: We should hangout sometime.

5-S: When are you free?

6-Me: I have spring break in April.

7-S: I have off in April around Easter.

8-S:Maybe plan something.

9-Me: sounds good.

10-(Could you tell me about a time when you were in a fight?)

11-A physical one or an argumentative one?

12-Me: Whatever you remember most or stands out.

13- Well I had one fairly recently

14-Me: When?

15-A few days ago

16-We were video chatting. I wanted to do something and he didn’t want to.

17-Relationship wise, I’d think one thing and my friend disagreed.

18-I was frustrated that he isn’t taking my advice.

19-He also said that I wasn’t listening to advice either.

(How long did this argument go on for?)

20-This argument lasted the whole day but we eventually made up.

(How did you guys resolve this argument?)

21-There was a long gap of silence, which lasted for five hours but we eventually overlooked the argument and worked it out.

22-Things are okay now.

23-(That’s good to hear!)

INTRO: lines 1-9

RISING ACTION: lines 10-17

CLIMAX: lines 18-19

CONCLUSION: lines 20-23



Site Credibility

February 29th, 2012

-The first article about the tree octopus is definitely false. Just before reading the article, I could tell it was false since there was a post on the side with the news that stated; “Squid can fly to save energy.” Squid live in the water and they don’t fly. Also, the images supporting this so called cause look like they’ve been photoshopped. In the FAQs, it says that if you want to donate money, you actually have to fly to the area to the place where the so called endangered species are to donate the money.

-The “Weekly World News” website is not a credible source. This seems like a website for people who don’t have better things to do with their time so they decide to put up random rumors and gossip on the internet. Also, on the tabs, there are tabs for aliens and mutants. On credible news sites, you don’t find tabs for aliens and mutants. One headline that is definitely false is “Obama to Write New U.S. Constitution.” They also call themselves “The World’s Only Reliable News.” There are definitely other credible sources.

-The “Onion” is also another non-credible source. In the sports section, I noticed that they used the curse word sh**. For instance, this curse word was used on a header for a Tim Tebow photo, which was titled “This Sh** Again.” Also, the article about the facebook privacy settings is false. Facebook permits you to set the privacy settings that you want. They are definitely not “America’s Finest News Source.”

-The “New York Times” article is definitely a legitimate source. Before reading the article, I noticed that the picture was cited as to exactly where it came from. The writing is definitely sophisticated and this is a topic that relates to everyday life. Also, statistics and studies used in the article to support the article are from legitimate sources.

Cliques around Queens College

February 29th, 2012

Going around the Queens College campus, I’ve noticed that there are different types of cliques. For instance, some cliques are formed based on ethnicity, same interests, religions, gender etc. I’ve noticed that cliques tend to hangout in the cafeteria, Student Union, and the library. I’ve also noticed that some cliques don’t talk to each other in English. I think cliques form because I think people tend to be comfortable with hanging out with people who have similar interests and can also understand each other. I think cliques start forming at an early age. It seems like in kindergarten, everyone seemed to be friends with each other but starting in about third or fourth grade, people seem to become a bit picky about who they hangout with. Below is a group of Jewish males in the cafeteria, which shows that a clique could form based on religion.

Herricks High School

February 21st, 2012

Herricks is a four year, comprehensive high school with 1450 students accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and the Middle States Association. The student body is highly competitive, dynamic and multicultural.

Herricks families share diverse backgrounds and personal histories. Some have been in the district for generations, while others have only recently emigrated to the United States. Sixty-Nine different languages are spoken in the homes or our students and 51% come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken.  Cultural diversity enriches our school community, educational environment and extracurricular programs.

Whatever their stories, Herricks families are bonded by their commitment to the education of their children. In fact, many families have made impressive sacrifices to invest in the education of their children. There is great emphasis on preparation for higher education and for sustaining excellent educational programs and services.


I do agree with Herricks High School’s mission statement. Though there’s also lots of clubs, sports and programs offered, the academics always come first. I’ve been with the same people for the last seven to thirteen years and it’s been great. I have met people from different backgrounds and learned a lot over the years but one thing that is common is that the majority of people aim to get the highest grades possible. Since Herricks is soo academically competitive, people always try to take as many AP or challenging courses as possible and try to join as many clubs and organizations as they can, such as honors society. When it came around SAT time, people would pay a lot of money for test prep, such as the program testtakers, which costs at least $1500. This definitely shows true at the end of the statement where it talks about how families have made impressive sacrifices to invest in the education of their children. For four years in high school, I played in the school concert orchestra and joined the girl’s track and field team. I enjoyed doing both and do miss enjoying the experiences.

Best Educational Moment

February 15th, 2012

My best educational moment would have to be during senior year of high school. In my high school, in order to graduate, not only did we have to pass the required classes, we also had a ten page paper to write, which was the PiG paper. PiG stood for participation in government. For this paper, every senior either volunteered for an organization fighting for a government cause or wrote about a bill that was being voted upon by Congress. Knowing that this paper determined whether or not I graduated made me nervous, worry and work harder than I ever had. Even though we had one semester to write this paper, the fact that this determined graduation stuck to my mind. I didn’t know if I could do this because I had written papers before but not a ten page one. My topic was the “food safety modernization act,” which was about the FDA setting stricter guidelines for food safety. Whenever I had time, I remember going up to my teacher to make sure that I was doing everything correctly. I remember the day the paper was due, which was two days before winter break. There were also strict guidelines on when we were supposed to hand in the paper. For instance, if we came in after the second bell rang, it was an automatic minus five. After handing in this paper, I felt relieved that this paper was over with but one thing that still stuck to my mind was whether or not I would graduate. The day we got back to school, all the PiG papers had been graded. I got my grade and I was relieved. All of the hardwork had paid off and now I’m in college.